I bet neither the teachers nor the students would like to have the experience of dull and boring class atmosphere, therefore, as a qualified ESL teacher, to well mastering some small games is of great necessity, which will bring you smile and langue while teaching, especially for the beginner and elementary English learners, for if taught in a fun and creative way, they would love to enter the classroom and have your class. It would be a nice beginning of his or her English learning journey. Today I would like to introduce some small games which English teachers can use in their class.

As Christmas Day is coming, so the first two games are related with this fabulous holiday, pass the parcel and Santa’s sack.

Pass the parcel – you aulas de inglês particulares can prepare some boxes and envelopes beautifully decorated with eye-catching Christmas paper, and in them, there are a great many activities about the English lessons those students have learned, such as filling in the blank in a word, having a conversation with other students, reading a small poet or articles to others. Hide these boxes and envelopes in the classroom and ask your students to find and open them.

Santa’s sack – according to the words the students have learned, you can prepare some and put in a sack. And during class, you can divide students into two groups, and ask them to fish out an object. If they can guess correctly what the object is, the group would get one point.

Hot-seat – a student seats with his/her back to the board or to the teacher. The teacher displays a word or a flash card, other students describe what is one the card to enable the student guess what it is. For higher level students teachers can make hot-seat more challenging by writing a number of TABOO WORDs on the board. For example if a teacher shows the students a flash card of say a HAIRDRESSER. Taboo words could be words likes CUT & HAIR. Students cannot use these two words to describe hairdresser. This forces the students to find other ways of describing the word without the taboo words. Taboo words are most often words that can easily make give away the word of the flashcard.