“Which batt type protection will give me the best soundproofing?” I hear this question a ton, or better actually, “Do I really want to add seriously soundproofing in the event that I as of now have protection in the walls and roofs?” Remember that any batt type protection, however it could be an extraordinary warm protector, is by and large not generally excellent as a soundproofing specialist. In the event that batt protections, for example, fiberglass protection or Icynene were successful soundproofing items, the huge young men like Johns Manville (TM) and Owens Corning (TM) would assume control over the soundproofing business and abandon the genuine experts. Fortunately information is still power and it will be some time before all the soundproofing organizations are shut of down.


In the event that you are significant about soundproofing generally consider batt protections as the so-called “good to beat all”. They essentially don’t have the drive to be remain solitary soundproofing specialists, for example, lead, shut cell froth and mass stacked vinyl.

There are some great sound batt protections available today, one is Roxul AFB(TM) (acoustic fire batt). Roxul(TM) is a stone fleece that is comprised of mining slag Canada that is hit with high strain air subsequently providing it with the properties of an extremely thick fiberglass protection and keeping in mind that it will give the end client a R-13 for the 3 1/2″ assortment and a R-19 for the 5 1/2″ batts, it’s fundamental capability in life is to give wonderful sound assimilation and primary hosing of wall and joist depressions. It’s undeniably true that damping a construction; particularly a wooden design assists with controlling the transmission and vibration of sound through said structure.

Reinforced Logic(TM), an organization in Arizona likewise gives a cotton sound batt protection that is perfect for making up for shortcomings and depressions where sound control is fundamental. The cotton is a Bass Trap dormant material that assimilates sound however doesn’t communicate through its filaments like fiberglass protection does.

Fiberglass protection is one of the most horrendously awful for soundproofing specialists out these. It really communicates sound through its very filaments consequently making the irritating commotion seem enhanced. In the event that you are compelled to utilize fiberglass protection ensure it is confined from either the sub floor or the roof beneath. Never pack fiberglass into cavities or voids. By disengagement the fiberglass protection from the sub floor above or the roof underneath you will break the sound transmission circuit from the floor above to the roof beneath. Similar applies to walls; assuming the fiberglass protection is contacting one side of your drywall, verify that it doesn’t interact with the opposite side of the drywall. This checks out once you know the idea of fiberglass protection.

To summarize this, never depend on any batt type protection to be your independent soundproofing specialist. You will continuously require the strength of lead, mass stacked vinyl, shut cell froth, or obviously my number one, Green Glue(TM). You can find out about these extraordinary soundproofing specialists in ensuing articles all through the Web. For the time being, this is Dr. Sway, The Green Paste Ruler, closing down and may your soundproofing ventures be all smooth ones. This is Dr. Bob…Out!!

Dr. Weave is the Senior Specialized Counselor at Soundproofing America Inc, the main expert in Soundproofing and Acoustical treatment innovation.